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Pickture It is here to assist you, after you have finished photographing an event such as a wedding or corporate function, and offer your clients a new and exciting way of selecting their favorite photos to print
Upload the photos
As soon as you copy the event photos on your computer
PicktureIt automatically creates watermarked thumbnails of each image and upload them on
At the same time your client is notified by email or SMS for the availability of their album online and the credentials required to login.
Your clients choose
Your clients login to and selects the photographs they want printed, along with the desired quantities and print sizes.
When they are done selecting, the album gets "locked"
You are automatically notified via email or SMS for the completion of the photo selection process.
Ready to be printed
All you have to do is open the Pickture It application
The software automatically categorizes the client selections by size/type and makes copies according to the quantities the client requested.
The resulting files are ready for burning on a CD, so that you can effortlessly have them printed.
Pickture It saves you time, money and immediately upgrades the quality of your service offered to your clients. And all this, with a very low cost per album. Register now and take advantages of the bulk discounts in Pickture It coupons up to 30%!
Discover the advantages of the PicktureIt platform
  • Saves time

    • You do not need to print contacts for your clients in order to select photos
    • The watermark applied onto every photo, for copy-protection reasons, is inserted automatically, requiring no effort from you
    • You do not need to confirm or discuss the client selections over the phone. All this is downloaded and handled automatically by the software
    • Pickture It will automatically and periodically remind the customer to complete the photo selection, when the selection is overdue
    • The client's selections are categorized automatically per size/type and duplicated according to the number of copies requested..
    • Errors are minimized! Everything is now automated, the client's selections are automatically translated into files ready to be printed
  • Saves money

    • You save the expenses and the chore of printing out the contacts
    • Many redundant daily tasks are now automated. For you, the job is almost done from the time you transfer the photo files from the memory card.
    • Your client receives almost no pressure in deciding the list of photographs and thus is urged to buy more photographs.
    • The client will prefer you to the competition. The ease of use of the photo selection process gives you an edge over competitors.
    • The coupons for the use of the service can be purchased with a discount of up to 30%! And the best part is that they never expire. You can save a lot, by predicting your future needs and conducting your purchases now instead of later.
  • Your clients will love it!

    • They do not have to come by your shop to make their selection
    • They are not rushed into selecting. They can all the time they need to pick the photos they like.
    • They do not need to make up their mind in one day. The system remembers their choices when they log off and continues from where they left off the last time.
    • They can review their photographs in a larger size and better resolution (while in the same time copy-protected). That way, they can decide more easily on what should be printed.
    • They do not need to coordinate with family and friends to meet up at your store and choose photos. Each one can connect to Pickture It from anywhere, even concurrently!
    • They do not have to keep a record of the photographs wanted by every relative. The system automatically tracks and stores all photo selections.
    • Even after the selection process is complete, the album is still available online for a few days. This way, they can review their selections but without being able to alter the list or quantities of selected photographs.
  • Requires no commitments

    • No subscription. You are not required to pay anything, until you actually need to use the service.
    • Do as many tests as you like, before integrating this service in your everyday business.
    • Buy only the number of albums you need
    • Many different payment methods are available
    • You can stop using the service at any time you want, with no termination costs or other commitment.
    • The coupons you buy do not expire!
  • It is trustworthy

    • The client always has access to only lower resolution, non-printable thumbnail images.
    • Your photographs are always protected with a watermark of your choice, to render the thumbnails informational yet useless.
    • The original photo files always remain safely on your computer. The application will never upload a full resolution image online, on Pickture It.
    • You always have full control over your own pictures. Only you and your respective clients have access to the low-resolution thumbnails that are stored in Pickture It. You can issue a delete order at any point, to discard the online stored photo immediately.
    • The only thing you need to use the application is an internet connection, preferably broadband.
  • Adapts to your needs

    • Pickture It does not intercede in your financial agreements with your clients.
    • You can automatically apply a watermark of your choice in all album photos, for example you company logo.
    • In every album you have the choice of retouching the photo selections first or forwarding them straight for printing
    • You can keep a log of the list of events you have covered, for future reference, or you can just delete every album after successful completion.
    • You can integrate the service into your own website to make it appear as an exclusive service offered by you only!

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