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For every event (wedding,baptism etc), you will need 1 PicktureIt Coupon

(1 Coupon = 1 Event Album)

1 Coupon 15,00 € / Coupon
5 Coupons 12,00 € / Coupon
10 Coupons 10,50 € / Coupon

The prices above are final and include V.A.T. 23%
1 Coupon BONUS
(For every coupon purchase)
3 Coupons BONUS
(With every 5-coupons pack)
5 Coupons BONUS
(With every 10-coupons pack)
10 Coupons BONUS
(With every 40-coupons pack)

Valid until 31/8/2015

Pricing Policy Overview

The Pickture It service:
Has a very simple pricing policy

To use the service, Pickture It coupons are required.

One coupon enables you to upload one album for your customers.

Does not require subscriptions

The service is available to all photographers with no subscriptions of any kind.

You only pay for the albums you upload.

Supports many payment methods

To top-up your account, you can buy coupons from the Pickture It E-shop.

You can pay either by credit card, bank deposit or through a Paypal account.

Does not charge you when not using the service

The coupon is consumed and subtracted from your account balance only after the successful uploading of a new album.

Therefore, you can top-up your account with as many coupons as you need, for future use. Pickture It coupons do not expire.

Costs less the more you use it!

By scheduling your needs early for the albums uploads that you will need in the following months, you can take advantage of the volume discounts, by buying packs of more than one Pickture It coupons.

Allows you to test it freely as long as you like

By downloading the application for free, you can upload demo albums free of charge, to discover the capabilities and utility of this innovative service.

What is included in the price of a Pickture It Coupon

  • The right to upload the event photos and publish the album online, for customer selection
  • All SMS messages sent to your customers, to notify them about the publication of their album, to remind them to complete the photo selection and to notify them to collect their printed photos *
  • All SMS messages sent to you, to inform you for the status of an outstanding order *
  • An unlimited number of email notifications sent to you and your customers
  • No restrictions to the number of photos an album can include
  • Unlimited orders for the duration of the period the album is published online

* the total number of SMS messages that can be sent for one album is 10. If that number is reached, you will be informed by email, that any other notifications for the given album will be sent via email only.

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