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Pickture It is a software application designed
by photographers, for photographers
and utilizes
HOTech's 20-year experience in developing reliable software solutions.

Pickture It features that will blow you away

  • Automatic photo shrinking before uploading
  • Automatic application of the watermark of your choice to protect your photos
  • Automatic online album creation
  • Automatic customer notification by email/SMS with login credentials and instructions
  • Automatic customer reminder by email/SMS to complete photo selection, when their account remains without activity for long
  • Automatic notification to your email/mobile when a customer completes the photo selection process
  • Automatic separation of photographs by print size
  • Automatic creation of copies, according to the customer's selected quantities
  • Automatic customer notification by email/SMS for collecting printed photos
Simple to use screens with large buttons.

  • The application screens were designed and created with user-friendliness in mind, to accommodate even novice users in new technologies
Protects your customer from mistakes.

  • In order for a customer to complete the order, the selections have to be verified twice.
Detailed instructions in every step.

  • Your customer will never need to contact you for instructions, nor will you ever have any difficulties in using the application.
Easy installation directly from the internet.

  • Automated updates with every new application version, without you lifting a finger!

System requirements

To use Pickture It, you only need:

  • An Internet connection
To ensure a stable and trouble-free Pickture It user experience, we suggest you use an ADSL connection.

  • A computer
The requirements of the Pickture It application are minimal. Any desktop computer or laptop purchased within the last 5 years and is equipped with 1GB of RAM memory is able to run the application without any trouble. It is recommended that your operating system is Windows XP or newer.

Moreover, the .NET Framework, which is required to run Pickture It, is automatically installed along with the application if it is not detected in your system.

You can offer it as an exclusive service of your own!

  • From day 1, your interaction with your clients via Pickture It appears to be originating directly from you.
  • You can also upload your company logo, in order to be displayed on the upper left part of the photo selection page, every time your clients login to the Pickture It website.
  • You can tailor to your needs the notification message that is sent to your clients every time a new album of theirs is made available online.
  • By adding a small one-off charge, you can integrate the Pickture It platform onto your own website. Clients will navigate the pages of your website to choose their photos and will never know that this is a third-party service. For more information, please click here

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